What is the loading weight of FutureGo? (pounds and kg)

FutureGo has a load-bearing range of 40-120kg (88-265 Ib).


What is the function of the part that rises between the knees? Is it a seat or can one add an extension to make it a seat?

The seat will be removed for safety reasons.


Are there any provisions for carrying a bag of groceries, briefcase, purse, or the like? Can it carry a two-handled bag for groceries in the front? Have you considered adding a hook or two on the front of the handlebars (lower to reduce the raise of the center of gravity)?

We have reserved a partial area for hanging lightweight bag on the steering frame. We plan to design the scooter to have the adaptability to the change in center of gravity.


What is the waterproofing performance of FutureGo? Can FutureGo cross the streams?

FutureGo has the waterproofing grade of IP6. The user can drive through the stream by water overwhelming the pedal for short time,  strongly suggest to complete the crossing within 5 minutes.


Is there a solid tool that can be used on the machine to lock the bike rack or something similar? Maybe a welded substantial eye bolt one can use with a bike lock?

Yes, there is.


What is the operational temperature range? What is the temperature range for storage?

There is a 10C lithium power battery. Theoretically, -10 degree celsius will cause a reduction of its capacity.


 How long will the batteries last and under what conditions? Are they user-replaceable batteries? How much will a full replacement batteries set cost? Are they available on the open market or are the batteries proprietary to you? Can you replace the batteries if there is a problem with just one or a “set” of batteries? Or must they all be replaced at the same time? Is it possible for users to replace batteries that located at the part between the knees by themselves? Will you provide a spare set of batteries for replacement?

Batteries are replaceable and available in the local distributor. The cost will depend on regions. The battery is proprietary for the FTGO scooter. FutureGo will provide one set of spare batteries in the scooter package. To purchase extra spare set, we will notify you about the regional distributor or maintenance service centre. The use of batteries is upon the purpose and behavior of users. Batteries can not be refined or customized.


What warranty and limits do you apply? Will you pay the postage, packing and transportation costs for repair and replacement under warranty?

About 1000km or one year warranty for scooter body, and 6 months warranty for batteries pack. The warranty does not include the postal cost from customers to maintenance service centre. However, we will see how the regional distributor and maintenance service centre perform locally.


Many Kickstarter projects are really beta products. If you make replaceable improvements before the next version, will you provide them free of charge? Will you interpret the warranty more favorably to the customers and give us a product that is closer to a beta product?

The scooter sending to our customer must be finished product. We do not offer any beta version. Improved, self-customization or enhancement products by customers will not be included in the warranty.


Are shipping fees, tariffs and other customs costs/fees included?

Price does not include shipping fees, tariffs and other customs costs.


Will you continue to develop and improve software/firmware of the scooter? Will they apply in this first set of scooters? Do the upgrading software or firmware cost?

Yes, we will continue to improve and update the software and firmware. All updates will be announced and can be found on our APP or thru our official website instruction, etc.


Do you consider to add an LED headlight operating off of the 48v system of the scooter for night-time use? Will you provide one as an add-on?

Optional accessories.


Where are your supply chain and manufacturing partner(s)? Is delivery in the late winter/spring 2020 a reasonable forecast?

In China and optimal delivery time will be coming in 2020.