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      The world’s smartest eco-friendly all-terrain self-balancing electric scooter with automotive technology. The future of commuting!
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In Depth

The world's first bionic electric self-balancing scooter with the application of automotive technology! Move around in style, quick commute, entertain and have fun with this FutureGo Electric Self-balancing scooter. Designed with confident commuting and everyday enjoyment in mind, the FutureGo has the power to function smoothly and deal with almost any obstacle. Boast dynamic equilibrium and gyroscopic technology for better riding experience. Because it is electric, there are no harmful emissions and it is very eco-friendly.
This FutureGo electric scooter has an 800W*2 square wave brushless motor and quality Samsung/LG high-density powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery for a maximum distance of 40-60km on a single charge, allowing you to enjoy instant safe mobility and minimizing required recharge frequency.  
Safe driving is always a priority of our self-balancing scooter. Equipped with the Automobiles ABS Anti-lock Braking System that allows emergency braking and can significantly reduce the braking distance to 1 meter at maximum speed. This helps drivers to maintain control over steering more safely and effectively.
Adopting the Electronic Differential Lock Technology which will lock the high-speed wheel while one of the wheels encounters impact and slips under off-road driving conditions. This helps drivers to maintain stability and ensure driving safety in any condition. 
Reliability and durability play an important role in our design. The Double Wishbone Suspension System is applied and integrated with all-terrain tires. Designed with confident commuting and everyday enjoyment in mind, the self-balancing scooter is powerful enough to deal with almost any obstacle and drive through different grounds. 
Enjoy driving freely and safely with zero emissions. The big, non-slip and comfortable Dual-Mode Operation Control Handlebars doubles as a steering mechanism and carry handle, allows to incline easily and control the Self Balancing scooter to act intuitively following your body movements. This will prevent the center of gravity being offset whenever you lean backward or forward, which avoid any accident and falling from the scooter.
Safety lights accomplish a few things: they keep you safe, they get you noticed. Ensure you are seen and keep your path lit with these smart safety LED lights. Equipped with a set of ultra-bright, all-weather front, tail, signal, turn and stop lights which provide all-round visibility during low light riding. 
FutureGo equipped with 3.50-10 eight-layer strong pneumatic tires. Its giant all-terrain pneumatic tires with tread mixed patterns provide smooth, stable ride which makes it easy to control. Excellent slip resistance and grip performance. High tire resistance to tread wear. The textured surface helps prevent slipping while riding and the tire tread offers reliable traction.